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Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Pup-date

The BrownStone Chinook Centennial litter pups are 6 months old.
BrownStone CHK Century Treadwell (Cedar)
 Hi Kay Lee!
We were happy to hear you are feeling better finally, although the bed of Chinook cuddles looked fantastic. I just wanted to drop a little email about the Vesper Cedar as we have just passed the 6 month marker (which is crazy to think of).
In short he is just an absolute joy to our household and my engineering office. He goes to work with me every day and loves it to provide input on if a meeting is going too long with a comedic sigh haha. He has picked up the Chinook habit of crossing his front legs when laying down too. Still not exactly sure what his ears are doing since they switch by the day between flopped, helicopter, or some combination. Regardless he is constantly commented on how handsome, big (65 lbs now!) and well mannered he is.
We finished our first obedience class series earlier this month and are now in a "training games" class which is supposed to provide some specific exercises to help with recall and name attention since that is going to be so big out in the woods for work and play. We have a snow trip planned for next weekend so look for snow pictures on Facebook.
Anyways just wanted to let you know how well he is doing and definitely living up to his puppy poster of "brawny flanks like an armored tank's." :)

BrownStone CHK Century Mt Wash (Remy)
A big event in Remy's life was that his human parents were married.
Snuggling with dad.
 Remy still has the most interesting ear set.
  BrownStone CHK Century Kate MT (Tika)
Tika with big sister Desert Sol Kima assisting with a fence construction project.
 Kima and Tika.
 Kima showed Tika the joys of digging in the mud. A rare treat in sunny California.
BrownStone CHK Century Arthur (Toolik)

Toolik, Jaylie, Hvit, Elizabeth and I all send greetings from the green and brown Northland.  After a very snowy start around Thanksgiving, we've not had much of a winter.  Very sad!
Toolik is doing great - learning lots of things, playing a lot with Hvit the cat, and pestering Jaylie whenever he can.  She's a great teacher though and can put him in his place when she thinks he needs it.
Toolik weighed in yesterday at 50 lbs and is approximately 21.5" at the shoulder.  It's a very lean 50 lbs - he gets a lot of exercise and is rather skinny, but very well muscled.  He's a gorgeous dog!  His coat and coloration is just beautiful.  You should see him in motion - while he's still a gangly youngster, you can see how his conformation drives his movement - and it's perfect (I think).  He'll probably never see a show ring though to really be judged.  I am planning on driving down this coming summer for the Chinook Picnic, so there will definitely be some experienced eyes there to look at him.
Met some friends today out on the trail and they were amazed at how well behaved he is and at his recall from a distance - even when distracted by dogs, people, etc.  He's a good pup indeed and I am SO pleased to have him!  Thank you for trusting me with him! Training, training and more training!
Hoping that things are going well for you!  Take care.
Toolik is a VERY friendly fellow!  It's nice knowing that he's going to greet whomever he meets, out on the trails or even on the street, with a smile and a wagging tail.  (And if you get your face too close, it WILL get licked!)  He has surprised me several times in the past couple of weeks by using his "big boy" bark to alert me to the approach of strangers at the house.  It'll be nice to have a Chinook early warning system without having to worry too much about the system going into "Auto-launch" like I did with the Kuvasz.  (Actually, I didn't "worry" about Taku doing something unpredictable, I knew exactly what he would do and his threat response when anyone, animal or human, intruded on the property.  He was an "I'm not shitting you - I will do whatever it takes to stop you in your tracks" kind of dog.)   Toolik's a much lower risk fellow - a watch dog rather than a guardian, but I love the fact that he's going to have a big, deep voice that commands attention.

Take Care!
BrownStone CHK Century Wind (Ullr)
Ullr is leading a very adventurous life with his young family. From the beach...
to the mountains...
to joining his grandmother Cedar, mother Koyuk and 1/2 brother Trask.
Then there is down time for helping with homework.
During her 12 years with this family, BrownStone Lupin patiently endured being dressed-up by her little girls.
Ullr is carrying on the fashion shows with stoic dignity.
BrownStone Cascade Peaks Mt Mazama (Bramble) and BrownStone Iditarod Takotna (Muku)
B.C. Canada has also seen a dearth of snow this year but that has not kept the family from daily runs in the woods.
BrownStone Cascade Mt Loowit (Tule Loowit)
None too happy Tule with her "Crown" of Shame after a recent operation.