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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vineman Saga

Each year as part of the garden clean-up, I harvest the grapevines to make wreaths for the holiday season. After seeing a grapevine snowman on-line, I decided to give one a try in lieu of wreaths. October 31st, I pruned the grape plants and brought the vines up to the porch as a stage for crafting.
What dog doesn't love a stick?  Trask was in 7th heaven with a stash of dozens of long vines. He also decided they needed to be moved from the porch to his front yard play area.
November 1st - somehow the dogs knew that Halloween was over. First thing in the morning they dismantled the squash attack...

to play with and feast on among the grapevines.
"I didn't put it there."
 "Don't look at me."
"Well, maybe I did but the sun is better out here so you should join us with your project."
Following their lead, I moved my stool, coffee and clippers out to the lawn and began to create.  The only directions on how to make a vineball involved balloons and beachballs as forms to work around.  Having neither, I just started weaving. Vineman got a head and hat that day. I started the bodyballs but Trask rolling them down the hill made me realize I needed to modify my design to better withstand three Chinooks potentially crashing into them.
After recrafting the bodyballs and waiting for better weather, I was finally able to assemble Vineman this morning.
 Staked with rebar, Vineman stands almost 6' tall.
My grape plants are pruned. The vines were put to fun use by both me and the dogs. In all, Vineman was a successful project. Only the test of time will tell how well he withstands the weather, territorial bucks and Chinook tag.
As long as I had the camera out, why not take quick shots of my favorite three Chinooks?
 hopefully healing, scarface, Trask

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Emily Wedding

My niece Emily was married last Saturday. Who knew there are two 400 Pike Streets in Seattle. The one that is quite literally the hub of the city was not the location of the church. After an hour of fighting one way streets, pedestrian traffic, Google Maps repeatedly letting me know that I had arrived at my destination and frantic calls to my sister, I finally made it to the ceremony.
Entering the sanctuary I was greeted with a beautiful sight. 
I was seated in the back pew and could not use my flash. What I lack in crispness, I gained in warmth.

The ceremony included communion served by Emily and Tom.
Sharing communion with sister Natalie and her husband Justin.
Sharing communion with each other.
 Ms and Mr Eaker
My brother-in-lay Chuck, sister Linda, Emily and Tom
My  sister gave me five amazing nieces - now all married to wonderful men.
Getting the giggles out before the professional shot.
 Amanda, Kendra, Emily, Natalie and Vanessa.
Someone else's shot showing the true color and majesty of the sanctuary.
Justin, Natalie with their new born Lucy.
Amanda came from Los Vegas with her 4 very active children (3 under 3 years). Keegan slept through the ceremony and formal pictures.
Kendra flew in from Kuwait where she is living with her husband and twins - whom she was desperately missing.  Lucy never went without loving arms to hold her.
Nothing like toddlers and enticing stairs unless it is a stage for budding devas.
Luca was enraptured with the grandeur of the ceremony (and of course the stairs up to the balcony).
Nephew-in-law Noah, the world's most patient father, watching over three kids, while Amanda is off trying to corral the fourth to head for the wedding party dinner.
I understand that Tom likes dinosaurs. Thus the unusual table decorations.
Another tradition breaker was the wedding cake.
All guests were served a dinner of Thai food.
Yes, I'm the crazy aunt who stood taking pictures and laughing instead of redirecting my great-nephews.
At this point, I don't think Keegan could have gotten any more pressure into the keg.
Vanessa and husband Evan took over the task of entertaining the ever active Luca.
I have never seen Evan without his hat.
Such joy.

Many of the guests were Syrian refuge families that Emily has helped to resettle in the Seattle area. Kendra, speaking a bit of arabic, added to making them feel welcome. She had all of us laughing as she explained some of the unusual customs of their first American christian wedding.