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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 9 Centennial litter

Alas poor Trask only got to share our NY steak without the Birthday Pooch bandanna, fanfare and pictures for his belated birthday.
The little ones continued the routine of eat, sleep, stumble around the whelping box and into or over each other, repeat...
My mantel is ripe for decorating and the occasion of the Chinook Centennial litter is not to be missed. The harnesses are from my Chinooks as they were growing up and just learning to mush.

 Good night on Day 9.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 8 Centennial litter

They always say the third child misses out when it comes to fun celebrations (been there, done that, with the older ones). Well poor Trask again almost missed out on a 4th Birthday Celebration loosing out to puppy cuteness (again). But then Karmen came over! Karmen is special. All three dogs love Karmen. Trask was beside himself when he saw her. Woes of being left out were forgotten. Karmen helped whelp him and came to play almost everyday before his litter-mates went to their forever homes.
Another busy day which of course started with puppy cuteness at the breakfast milkbar.
Alas sitting around watching puppy cuteness and catching naps doesn't get neglected chores done. Icemageddon damage still looms on the deal-with-to-do list. Today we had an arborist come to finish the last of the storm damaged trees in the back yard.
My loading and hauling could not keep up with him but we got the job almost done.
I then tackled the weeds in the perennial gardens so I could locate the storm damaged water sprinkler heads and start getting some life back into my dried out gardens. By afternoon, the temperature reached in the 80's so time for puppy breath, late lunch and a nap.
Then Karmen came over much to the excitement of everyone. Koyuk was proud to show off her family.
A hug and whiff of puppy breath and it was time for the daily weights.
Grandma Cedar checking in on the process.
 Cedar with Kate (Ms Pink)
 All of the pups have added 1/2 again to their birth weight and developed chubby tummies.
It won't be long before a bigger scale bowl will be necessary.
Karmen fell right back into the litter routine and assisted with the nail clipping and puppy confirmation eval pictures. Only Wind (Mr Purple) found humor in the process. The others were a bit annoyed.
 Nothing better for annoying conformation posing than snuggling with Karmen.
We should have tried to take the the pictures after she had them all comfortably asleep.
After Karmen left, it was again time to eat..
 and rest with proud mom Koyuk.
Poor mostly ignored Trask only got chicken salad and extra snuggles for his belated birthday.
Tomorrow the irrigation system will be tackled (yea no more hours of daily inadequate hand watering) and the crane set up for the big caboose move. For Trask's sake, maybe something special for him and a posting of his how his liter-mates celebrated their 4th birthday.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 7 Centennial litter

This is also the 4th birthday of the BrownStone Cascade Peaks litter ...
but a belated birthday for Trask (in the navy ric-rac) and blog will have to do.
This was a day of hitting the wall and crashing. A Costco run for more dog and human food was the tipping point. Koyuk has turned into a night owl and wants to make sure I share in her awakeness. About 0300 she becomes quite vocal about wanting her kibble a al'mode, pain medication, water, belly rub with bag balm and general loving. Of course she was fed, watered, loved and bag balmed at midnight but 0300 seems to be her really awake and unsettled time. So we are both up as I try to figure out what she wants/needs; my three hour nocturnal sleep comes to an end and; I start my day. We do get great views of sunrise - not a normal occurrence for me.
All is right with the world, except lack of sleep made up for with total cuteness.
 Byrd, Washington and Author.
 Treadwell, Wind and Kate.
When I crashed, so did Koyuk. The house is still being kept hot for the pups. The floor next to me was a cooler option.
Rachael, our wonderful in-home, canine pedicurist, managed a bowl of puppies while I changed to whelping box linens. Like all dogs, ours hate getting their nails done but they eagerly tolerate Rachael. So much so that Koyuk left the whelping box on her own to come down to the mudroom to have her nails done and then accepted Rachael as the keeper of the displaced pups.
Koyuk and the little ones on their new, fancy, soft linens which Kerstin helped me make.
Sorry big boy, you'll have to wait to properly celebrate your birthday until tomorrow.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 6 Centennial litter

Not much different from Day 5: eat, sleep, scoot about and always be super cute.
I can't decide on what to leave out from today's pictures, so indulge me in mass cuteness.
First bath of the morning.
 Milk drunk nap.
 Worn out after a trip to the other side of the whelping box.
 Someday his tail will be as big as his moms.
 The puppies are growing. Today they look huge...
when compared to a nose snuggle on day 2.
Nap after adventure back to the white side of the whelping box.

Scoot around using brothers as speed bumps...
 Always super cute.
The girls are taking their care and socialization rolls very seriously.
Trask even tried to help with the scale math...
and made sure all puppies met his specifications.
The girls cooled off with a swim in the pond while Kerstin and I sewed a special new whelping box blanket. The house has to be kept over 80 degrees and without drafts until the puppies can regulate their own body heat. Keeping the house hot is not difficult to do since it is 90 degrees out but it means those inside cook and AC remains turned off. I must admit a bit of jealousy of the soaked girls.
One last round of puppy love and it was off to home.
The pups resumed the day's routine: Eat...