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Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend started with a Saturday trip to the ski area where I found 20 degree sunshine, uncrowded slopes and very sore thighs. Why does my mind/heart try to overwhelm my body? As much as my muscles were screaming at me, I kept skiing and not just the easy runs. It was so beautiful. This getting old thing sucks when you desire the adventure of a 20 year old.
My plan to stick to the easier runs flew out the window with my skis. The top of the mountain beckoned.
That night I paid for my enthusiasm. I ended up breaking a couple inches of ice off the hot tub lid and crawling in about 2330. As the clock struck midnight, Orion smiled down on me from the clear sky. The near-full moon lit the frosted trees.  It was so cold, the steam was condensing and snowing back down on me. Not a bad way to start my 67th year. 
The next morning I jumped up; grabbed a birthday banner and my camera and; headed outside to enjoy the splendor of the day.
The night's frozen fog left an icing on everything making the nature around me more beautiful than any festive frosted birthday cake.
It was so cold and the ground so crusty, only Trask joined me as I slid around in my slippers while taking pictures.
Trask tried his best play posture to entice me into a game of Chinook Tag in fallen branches. "Not gonna happen big boy".
"But mom, the others are still in bed".
After breakfast, I too joined the three dogs in bed. It was my birthday after all. When I awoke, the sun was cresting the top of the ridge.
Camera time again. The backyard scene will be quite different once the snow melts and all the branches brought down by the ice storm emerge. But, until then...
 a winter wonderland for my birthday.
Being born in the middle of January and living in Oregon, I have rarely seen sun on my birthday. Even rarer still snow.
 This year I had both.
 Vineman joined in my "Life if Good!" cheer.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First 2017 Sled Runs

January 5th we finally had enough snow (8") to completely cover the road through the trees. The temperature was in the teens. Thanks to Dave's truck, the road was hard-packed and fast.
My first attempt at taking a picture with mittens on.
Team Nookies flew non-stop the 1/2 mile to the tie-up, turn-around place. The dogs rested as I walked up to the mail box.
Day 4 of no mail or paper.  I turned the sled for another fast ride back home. What a way to start a mushing year!
A major storm of freezing rain was predicted for the night of January 6.  Dave and I went to town for supplies. By the time we got back, it was very cold and getting dusky. I hadn't run the dogs and they were raring to go.
We quickly made it up the hills and through the woods. There were a lot of frozen branches buried in the snow. At one point, I caught and broke my drag brake.
With no brake to slow them, the dogs really picked up speed on the last downhill corner until...
"SQUIRREL!".  Before I even know what was happening, they took a 90 degree turn down into and thru the roadside ditch. Fortunately before the sled followed, they became tangled in some branches I had thrown off the road after the ice storm.
Back sorted out, we headed the last stretch toward the house.
Dave was waiting with the camera to catch us fly by.
Koyuk and Trask had run a mile with only a brief squirrel detour and were still pulling at full speed.
It did pour freezing rain for about 30 hours and continues to rain. The snow is down to 3-4" and the road it too treacherous to walk on let alone drive the sled. The dogs don't even want to be outside. Mail finally came yesterday. I have yet to be able to clear the ice off the patios or path to the wood pile. Fortunately the trees are finally free of their load of snow and ice so they are no longer crashing down branches. Weather report for tonight is either a major storm of snow or freezing rain. Paws crossed for snow. Team Nookies is ready to run again.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vineman Saga Continues Jan 2-7

By popular request and just because I am having so much fun with Vineman, the saga continues.
January 2 brought more snow for Vineman.
 The dogs too enjoyed the additional snow.
January 3 was clear and below 20 degrees.
 Trask loves catching snowballs.
 Storm damage and the house.
January 4. More snow and cold!
The dogs loved it!
The pond was totally frozen. The woods a winter wonderland.
Can't be a Chinook blog without pictures of the BrownStone pack.
By the end of the day we had our first dog sled run of the year; Vineman was getting buried; and...
the sunset was spectacular.
January 5  I decided Vineman needed a more appropriate outfit. The glossimer scarf and party hat had to go.
Curious Trask followed me out for the dressing change.
I had time enough to snap one picture before turning around to find a gleeful Trask making the most of Vineman's discarded New Year's hat.
 Cedar only got one quick grab of it as he raced by.

He was so proud of his new toy.
January 6 was clear and cold. We got in a couple of great dog sled runs.
 Vineman getting buried but more appropriately attired with a ski hat and scarf.
The first sun rays of the year to grace the backyard. With all the downed trees on the ridge letting it through, the light was actually about a week early this year.

January 7. The sleet and freezing rain started about 0330. By morning Vineman was once again turning into Iceman.
About 10:00 the snow started.  This is the view from my office window. Branches are once again crashing down out of the tall snow/ice laden trees. The dogs went out for their post-breakfast run; immediately got soaked; and much to the disdain of still sleeping Dave, jumped into bed with him.
Vineman celebrating the snow - much better than freeing rain any day.
Trask was the only one to venture out with me to take snowing-on-Vineman pictures. Snow on ice, on snow, on ice... even Trask thought better of hanging around outside.
The power is still on long enough to post this. Maybe we will luck out this ice storm. Meanwhile all the dogs are snuggled inside. I too think a nap is in order. Sleet on a tin roof did not make for a sound sleep last night.
The next post: dog sledding.