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Sunday, December 31, 2017

BrownStone 2017 December Pup-date

With the screen blocking aid of cursor fascinated kitty Jake, lap blanketing Trask and keyboard assistance from Koyuk and Cedar, here is the much edited December 2017 Pup-date.

BrownStone CHK Century Arthur (Toolik) 
Hi Kay Lee,
 Wow - time certainly flies by!  Hard to believe that the pups are four and a half months old already.  Toolik continues to thrive and learn.  he's doing great and I can tell already that he's going to be quite a dog!  I feel very lucky.
Cross country skiing is one of his favorite activities, plus, there's the added bonus of potentially meeting up with other dogs for impromptu play sessions.  This past Saturday we met a couple out on the ski trail that had an eight month old pup that weighed 85 lbs - and he and Toolik had a grand time wrestling and playing.  He's a tough little guy and held his own with a dog twice his size.  They were fun to watch.
Attached are a few photos from various skiing sessions and lounging around the house.
Hope all is well.
Take care,Dave
BrownStone Cascade Mt Karuk (Alaka'i) 
Ka'i deals/dealt with change and chaos so incredibly well. The fact that he loves everyone and adapts well makes it so stress-free to have someone watch him. He has grown into such a sweet and intuitive companion. He is the best couch cuddler. 
BrownStone Iditarod Takotna (Muku) 
and BrownStone Cascade Mt Mazama (Bramble)
BrownStone CHK Century Treadwell (Cedar)
Cedar celebrating 5 months 
BrownStone Cascade Mt Klah (Laika)
I am forwarding the email that I received this morning from Shirley Colman, Director of Independent Therapy Dogs, Incorporated regarding the visit that our teams had with the injured US Marine Corps trainees at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot yesterday.  Jim Collora and "LAIKA" participated.
Hi everyone -
THANK YOU TEAMS ... Saturday's MCRD Recruit Holiday with the Hounds was dog-gone PAWsome.  Sandy and I have always been amazed that when we need Teams the most so many of you make the time to participate.  Yesterday was a pawfect example of what makes ITD, Inc. such a great organization, and one that we are so proud to be part of.  Twenty Teams ... yes, that is 20 ... volunteered to bring 'miles of smiles' to the injured Marines at MCRD San Diego.  What an amazing turn-out. 
 Photo options for Recruits are exceptionally strict, so we were not allowed to take any fotos.  Thus there will be a bit of a delay in posting an Album.  We will be receiving approved pix to post in the next week so keep checking our Facebook pages.
 This event went off pawfectly which makes us, and our USMC POCs, hope it will help bring back our monthly visits for MCRD injured Recruits.  The planning IS in the works.  Word yesterday was that they'll be scheduled on Saturdays.  Keep your fingers and paws crossed and we'll keep you posted!
 Sandy and I sincerely thank all of you who were able to volunteer yesterday on such short notice.  Twenty Teams is a new record for an ITD, Inc.  special event.  We know more of you would have attended had you been able to.
 Again, we thank you all and wishing you and yours safe & happy holidays.
Shirley Colman - Director/President
S.L. Storrie - CFO/Secretary

This visit was highly anticipated by the injured Marine Corps trainees and they and the dogs and dog owners thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
BrownStone Cascade Peaks foster pup Moonsong Mouse
BrownStone 2013 Christmas Litter Ms Pink (Nala) 
on her 14th birthday
 BrownStone CHK Century Mt Wash (Remy)
Remy wins the price for the most original Chinook ear-set.
Could this be Remy's ear-set secret?
BrownStone CHK Century Kate MT (Tika) and Desert Sol Kima
BrownStone Cascade Mt.Loowit (Tule Loowit)
BrownStone CHK Century Wind (Ullr)
And not to be forgotten, Trask's son Rudy
Kitty Jake
Keep the pictures coming. Happy New Year from Dave, Kay Lee, Cedar, Koyuk, Trask and Jake.