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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Finally Winter at BrownStone Chinooks

After months of sunshine and temperatures often in the 70's, the daffodils, crocus and tulips were buried in snow. Not that I am complaining but I have a major driveway project going on which also got covered with snow. Then again, anytime it snows is time to celebrate as only the Chinooks and I know how.
February 18 - Winter arrived. 19 degrees and SNOW!
 Well not that much but it was white and it did stop driveway work...
 and allow for vigorous games of Chinook tag. Koyuk poised for the run-by.
February 20 still snowing and cold. Vineman's daffodils and crocus garden no longer blooms. Car ruts make it impossible to haul out the sled. But there are always trade-offs. We have not had working heat pumps since November and the heat-pump guys driving in to try to finish their fix was worth not running the sled.
 Nope - not going to do the driveway cement pour today.
February 21 still snowing. Looks like we are actually going to get winter this year. My nephew played hooky from school and work with his kids to come play in the snow.
 There were some complaints about the dog poo.
 Trask supervising the snowman project.
 February 22 Still snowing and cold.
Chinooks in their element.
Koyuk finally slowed down enough to join in a photo op but was too fast for a portrait.  
Enough posing. Time for Chinook Tag.
 February 23 Sun on snow.
 Trask on snow.
March 3. The Iditarod is starting as I type. The past 5 nights have brought dusting of snow and a couple inches of rain. Only remnants of the giant snowball and roof slides remain. Time to get back to moving boulders on the muddy driveway. Well - after the start broadcast if over.