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Monday, April 17, 2017

Team Nookies Easter Run

I haven't made it to the mountains with the sled this winter.  The mountains are my sanctuary. Easter morning was a now-or-never opportunity. The weather prediction was for a major, wet, snow melting storm. Sunrise did not bode well...
 but as the fog lifted, a clearing over the mountains could be seen.
We drove to the Ray Benson Sno-park on the Santiam Pass since being the highest altitude Sno-park, it had the best possibility of snow covered trails. We found several feet of snow at the trailhead.
 The temperature was in the 40s. The snow was ungroomed and sticky as we flew south.
 Our first view of Mt. Washington about 1/2 mile into the run.
 Gravet Butte cliffs about 1 mile.
 A pause to catch our breath and take in another view of Mt. Washington.
 The mountain goes in and out of view as we round corners.
 Our turn-around/snack point about 1/4 mile past the Circle Lake trail junction.
 The sun came out briefly as we headed back uphill and north.
Mt. Washington on our way back.
 First look at Three Finger Jack.
 A long way, mostly uphill as the storm looms over Three Finger Jack.
A last look at Mt. Washington. At this point the dogs convinced me that we needed to take a trail off to our right. I was clueless and have found that the dogs are usually correct at trail junctions near the trailhead. I knew we were close because I could see Hayrick Butte.
Our shortcut took us straight north (from south of the TH on the trail) past the east end of the Sno-park and around to the north end adding a little over 1/4 mile plus a drag across the parking lot to the south loop where the van was parked.
The dogs spotted the parking lot and headed full speed off a 7' high cutbank dragging me and tangling themselves.
By the time we had drug the sled across both loops and the center snow island of the parking lot, Team Nookies was a tired, tangled lot.
 Dogs watered and fed. Van loaded. And a last look at Three Finger Jack.
 Clouds made this shot difficult but the sled is cradling Mt. Washington.
We made it home just before the thunder, lightening, hail and pouring rain.  A very Happy and Adventurous Easter for Team Nookies.