BrownStone Chinooks is devoted to fostering the excellent health and wonderful temperament of Chinook dogs. Hard-working Chinooks excel in many activities such as agility, obedience, back yard play, hiking, dog powered sports, search and rescue, and as service dogs. The affectionate Chinook is an excellent family dog matching its activity level to that of its companions - be it strenuous exercise or snuggling on the couch.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"PR" BrownStone Iditarod Koyuk, CGC, TT, WSD, CGCA
I am please to announce that "PR" BrownStone Iditarod Koyuk, CGC, TT, WSD now has a new title: CGCA.  Koyuk hasn't been in a formal obedience class for a couple of years but when the exam was offered, I figured she was ready to ace it. She is the first Chinook to earn the Canine Good Citizen Advanced title.
At one point, she had to wait while I walked away 20 feet, back and away 20' again past a slab of Red Barn beef pate' on the floor. Then she had to do a recall to me right past the pate', ignoring it as she went by.  (When Trask's CGC class had practiced this exercise, he got the whole 1/2 loaf of pate' in his mouth and spit out the plastic wrapper before anyone could get to him.  He also had two bully sticks in his mouth that were also on the floor as "distractions".  To him, Recall had never been so great.)  Fortunately his mom, Koyuk had better voice control for her exam. 
The hardest (worst) part of the exam proved to be taking a group picture of the dogs that passed with their owners. Not only is the photography unflattering but in the group shot, no two humans or dogs were looking forward at the same time.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tails From the Trail

Our "Crazy Ka'i," the "jump on everyone, chase everything, mark/pee every second, pup" proved to us that somewhere in that stubborn teen brain he was listening to every gee, haw, and leave it we'd taught him. Something really clicked today. Going up the peak there was a bevy of unmarked routes leading straight up the mountain, many of which were failed trailblazing attempts by past hikers. We found that given the opportunity, time and time again he chose the best path up. Not only did he stay close and on trail, but he stayed on trail even when we couldn't find it! We watched in amazement as he intelligently sniffed out and led us back onto trails that had been washed out or were hidden. Other hikers realized this and started following him/us too! We were the envy of the mountain! He is such a brave and instinctively talented trail dog we couldn't ask for a better hiking companion. He greeted and passed everyone so politely, I thought I might be dreaming. His bounding, joyful, tail wagging attitude the entire hike, constantly turning around to check on us, was so motivating; he received many cheers of delight from weary hikers we passed. I think we're ready to start working towards a COA WDP Pack Dog certification! Gosh, I am so proud that he is our pup and at the same time I can't believe how lucky we are that he is a part of our family. How did we end up with the most perfect dog, the most perfect dog for us? Well of course I know I have you three to thank! From our family to yours, Happy Easter!!

Love, Nari, Justin, and Alaka'i
BrownStone Cascade Mt. Shasta (Alaka'i)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sailors Take Warning

When I awoke, I spotted the sky and took off running, leaving the poor dogs protesting "what about breakfast."
These pictures are in order of when taken  The sky changed from purples and pinks to golden orange. The bird songs grew more melodious in the glowing light.
 The Three Sisters
 Mt. Washington
 Camas Swale valley waking up. 
 South Sister casting a shadow on the clouds.
Listening to the forest wake up while waiting for sunrise then posting pictures with much needed rain pouring outside - life is good.

Friday, March 20, 2015

BrownStone Update

BrownStone Cascade Mt. Koma (Laika) was the second puppy from this litter to get CGC certified. Way to go! Trask is still the class goof-ball, so hasn't been tested.
The Iditarod is still going on and I have a couple more BrownStone Iditarod Litter 5th birthday photos. BrownStone Iditarod Takotna (Muku)
BrownStone Iditarod Nome (Nome) with what is left of his beaver.
 Nome on a birthday walk.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Koyuk

Cedar whelped the BrownStone Iditarod litter during the 2010 Iditarod and the puppies were named after the check points in order of birth: Willow, Nikolai, Takotna, Galena, Kaltag, Koyuk, Elim and Nome.
One day old BrownStone Iditarod Koyuk
 Eight week old Koyuk with her owl
 Five year old Koyuk with owl (minus a wing and foot).
Son BrownStone Cascade Mt. Trask (Trask); mom Moonsong Cedar River Touchdown (Cedar); and the birthday pooch Koyuk.
While this year's Iditarod leaders are freezing on the Koyokuk River, Team Nookies is in 65 degree rain and plum blossom "snow".
Koyuk, son Trask and mom Cedar.
Happy Birthday my beautiful, intensely intelligent; strong willed, wonderful mom and Team Nookies leader Koyuk.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


When I was picking bouquets for the house last weekend it dawned on me: "April Showers bring May Flowers". This was the beginning of March. Everything is in bloom but with freezing nights, the bees and bugs are still hibernating.  There is a lot of talk of low fruit harvests, forest fires and empty reservoirs.
Good thing no snow doesn't mean, no mushing. Clear, below-freezing, mornings are perfect for paper runs. Today I ran with just Trask and Koyuk. I want Trask to learn to lead and he can't do that from wheel. Cedar got to stay in bed with Dave.
The powerful duo just trucked up the hills.
I tie the rig off at the base of the hill because there just is not a good place up at the road. The dogs are waiting in an arch of blooming trees.

Trask checking the pond garden flowers as we went back by.
Ice cold water at the end of a beautiful run.
While reading the Sunday paper in the 70 degree sunshine, I decided it would be fun to take pictures of Chinook eyes. Koyuk immediately turned her head.
With the glaring sun, eye pictures were probably not my best photo idea. None of the dogs appear too happy when asked to look at the camera.

" Just too hot to sit and pose mom."
Only frog was ready for the "winter weather".
 He-who-always-has-what-he-spies-in-his-mouth with a whelping box toy.
"Yeah Right - Winter"

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Two Week Catch-up

I have to concede that the winter-that-wasn't is over. I finally took the "Let it Snow!" signs down. The unused dog sleds and skis are put away. Daffodils, crocus and plum trees are in bloom. While the blizzards rage on the east coast, the dogs and I are soaking in our unseasonably bright and warm "winter". February 17th found me doing taxes, wearing a "Life-Is-Good" tee, while sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and dogs by my side. (Yes February - this picture of the Iditarod Litter was taken March 30, 2010)
 February 17th, 2015
During the entire "winter" the dogs have enjoyed vigorous games of Chinook tag on the bare lawn.
After the sun was high enough to break over the ridge behind the house, riotous play was followed with lying in the sun on the back porch.
Cedar and Koyuk have blown their winter under coats. Trask still carries his and prefers the coolness of the lawn to rest in.
Trask, Cedar and Koyuk February 21, 2015
Last weekend, Dave decided to fix the porch sliding doors. To keep the dogs from continually kissing and otherwise "helping", they were put inside. Fron there, Trask supervised Dave's every move.
Until Friday, last week was all play and hanging out for the BrownStone Pack.
Friday brought rain and Tule Loowit. Unfortunately my waterproof camera had a dead battery so I missed pictures of Tule, Trask, Cedar and Koyuk taking a long, wet run over the ridge to the back pond and back. Once home, the four, very muddy, dogs took a swim in the pond by the house; were given a toweling to dry off and a treat; then Tule, pronounced cured of her "cabin-fever", went home. Trask howled as sorrowful as any left-behind wolf for a solid 1/2 hour after she departed. He LOVES his sister Tule.
Today is again sunny. More flowers have burst forth. Vegetables are sprouting in the greenhouse. All thoughts now are "Don't Let it Snow!"