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Monday, February 1, 2016

Merry Birthday

Getting the Lee/Brown family (my sister also married a Brown) together for Christmas proved a bit difficult this year. Out came the i-phones as everyone checked for an available date during Thanksgiving dinner. The girls have grown and now have their own families and with those, new holiday celebration obligations. December 2015 was booked. The first available date turned out to be Jan 23.
I left part of my house still decorated for Christmas.

The tree was too dry to make it to the party.
I was born on January 15 and Vanessa was born on January 16.  Our family Christmas party became a Merry Birthday Party. A friend made wooden flag "happy" "holidays" "birthday" banners for me to hang to commemorate the occasion.
I drew Vanessa for the gift exchange so got to have a lot of fun with the present wrapping and gift itself.

Wearing holiday sweaters is a family tradition. Emily, Natalie and Vanessa.  Amanda and her family were at their home in Los Vegas and Kendra now lives with her family in Kuwait.
 Vanessa and Emily
 Natalie (whose husband had to work). 
 Evan and Vanessa
 Emily and Tom
 Chuck and Linda
After dinner, when time came to cut the cake we noticed that the candles were no where to be seen. After a through search of the kitchen it dawned on me that while we were opening presents a cell phone had fallen off the counter. The culprit of course was Trask and I was pretty sure the cell phone was not his objective from the counter.  Trask takes his "prizes" under the trees out front of the house. Sure enough. A chewed open plastic bag with sampled birthday candles were scattered in the pine needles.
I was just sitting down to enjoy my piece of cake when all three girls screamed "Dog got cake! Dog got cake!" I practically leaped over the counter. The remaining cake slices were still there but the server was gone - to be found later under the trees.
The dogs were decorated during the gift opening. Unfortunately it was pretty dark outside when I took them out for a picture. They were not overly excited to be outside posing when there were free hands to give pets, faces to lick and bits of pizza to scavenge inside.
 "I'm pretty. I stayed off the counter. Don't you think I deserve a piece of pepperoni?"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Play-Date with Tule Loowit

Tule Loowit came for a visit today.  To say she and brother Trask were beside themselves with excitement would be a gross understatement.  Their movement, howls and shrieks were constant and lasted the entire visit.
"I missed you!" I missed you more!"
 Can you hear the excitement?
Mom Koyuk and Grandmom Cedar joined in but with the speed everyone was tearing around, I rarely got more than two dogs in the same frame.
Koyuk and Tule ganging up on Trask.
The recent storms have the ground supersaturated resulting in standing water ponds throughout the yard and wet dogs.
 Tule Loowit
 Out of focus but that is what it took to get all four in one picture.
While the splash pools in the yard are great for getting wet, serious running requires a swim in the pond to cool off. A week ago this pond had 3" of solid ice on it. Today, while ice free, it must have still been cold. "Swims" were quick but frequent dips.
Even Cedar went for a swim which is something she rarely does.
 I think Tule would win the all time largest Chinook tongue contest.
No one appreciated howling, wet dogs wrestling indoors.  Each time they made it in, they were quickly escorted back outside. 
The dogs waiting at the door did give me a chance to try to get focused portraits.
"Say Cheese"
 Mr Charmer
 "Please can we go in again?!"
Did I mention that they were wet, excited, noisy...?
Poor Trask gave a several minute long, pitiful howl after Tule left. He was greatly missing his sister.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Holidays with Muku and Bramble

BrownStone Iditarod Talotna (Muku) and BrownStone Cascade Mt. Mazama (Bramble) had a blast with their family over the holidays.  Chinooks are meant for snow and they made the most of it (and provided a lot of photo ops for their humans.)  The pictures are not in any order but since all are wonderful, I thought I would post all of them.
My vote for a Calendar photo...
or maybe this one