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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Yesterday was another hot - now smoky - day.  With the property next door clear-cut, I am determined to get an unobstructed view of the Three Sisters mountains. (Sacred is a word I could use for how I feel about these mountains). To that end, I spent the day cutting 20' off the top of a wayward plum tree. I wanted to do the pruning before the hundreds of thousands of plums ripen creating a huge sticky mess, swarms of yellow jackets and upset canine stomachs. Climbing the tree; using a handsaw off a 4" diameter, sucker branche; climbing back down; pulling down the fruit laden, tangled branch; lugging it to the burn pile; repeat... necessitated multiple cooling swims throughout the 96 degree day. I grabbed the camera for a few of these swims.
Being as I am a determined sort of person, while treading water and using a camera without a view finder, I remain determined to get a good photo of the iridescent blue dragonflies on the waterlilies. I am getting closer.
This morning Trask woke me by dropping a bag of stiff elk hide on my face. Oh Sh#*! I flew out of bed knowing exactly what he had gotten into this time.
Trask is proving to also have a determined personality. He has gotten into things none of the other dogs ever even thought about: sewing cabinet - check; dog food storage, locked garbage can - now metal, strapped and screwed to the wall; screw down lid compost bin - check; sunflower seed bin - check; all cupboards - check; box full of computer and misc cables - check; backpack - check; garbage can now also strapped and screwed to the wall...  I have no more high places to put stuff he has desired. During the night he opened a drawer containing embroidery threads, material and supplies. Then after playing with and distributing them, he opened a drawer containing fly tying feathers and furs. After spreading the furs and feathers about amongst the embroidery supplies and, eating several of the feathers, he brought me the elk fur as a wake-up present. Life around here is never dull.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kids, Dogs and Water

I invited Kerstin and the girls up to chase around with the dogs in anticipation of my niece coming from Nevada with her family. Since the dogs frightened my great niece during her visit last summer, I wanted to make sure they were well socialized to running, screaming kids - and I wanted to see Kerstin and the girls again. It has been way too long since they last visited.
 Anna running with Trask.
The temp was in the 90's. After the initial, excited chase, the dogs immediately headed for the back pond to cool off.
The girls decided the back pond was too muddy so they headed for the large front pond.
Of course you can't be beside a pond on a hot day without taking a dip.
Lupin watching over her girls.
Trask decided that swimming after Anna would be great fun. I have never seen him swim that far and he actually swam out several times.
While everyone dried off, Trask tried his bubble-net fishing technique in the big pond. Again no luck.
I can't wait to share the dogs and ponds with my niece and her family. And, I can't wait for Kerstin and the girls to come again. This promises to be a long, hot summer and I have the perfect place to cool off while the dogs run free.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Run, Ride and Visit

What was predicted to be another 90 degree day started with a ka-boom - and black sky - and wind - and cold. Cold enough to run the dogs.  Dave has not been to the back of the property for months and had not seen any of the logging. Trusting the lightening was far enough away, we filled his scarcely used quad with gas; dressed the dogs; and were off.
To restore an oak savannah, all of the pine and fir must be removed from the area.
After checking out the logging and a quick dip we were off sort of...
Anyone that knows me, knows I always have a piece of rope near by. Dave's quad gave him fits on the way over the ridge and completely died near the pond. To get back home I steered his quad while he pulled with mine. The dogs showed the way.
After our wayward adventure, we took Trask to Tule's house for a playdate and Sarah to make us a book shelf. My original plan had been: buy the boards; have the hardware store cut them to length; screw shelves on with L brackets; screw to the wall. Sarah is a woodworker extraordinaire. I now have dadoed shelves with edged and trimmed boards built to correctly fit the space. And Trask had a blast while Sarah measured; cut; sanded; glued and nailed away.
The day warmed considerably during the playdate. After about 45 minutes of chasing around I finally got them to sit still for a quick picture.
 Tule Loowit.
 Tule has a trampoline. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Trask to join her on on moving surface.
It was way too hot to paint the bookcase when we got home.  So using that as an excuse, I joined exhausted Trask for a sound nap.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Hot Day

After the morning watering and chores were done, the dogs and I headed for the shade to hang out and try to stay cool for the day. My hammock is conveniently next to the pond.
By noon it was ninety-two, humid degrees out. The dogs were hot even in the shade.
Not a whole lot of Chinook Tag today.
 We did get in cooling swims.
 "Hey little buddy, you should really take a dip.".
 Trask is such a handsome guy. I just can't stop taking more pictures of him.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

The daily weather has been in the 90's - unseasonably hot for the Willamette Valley, especially this time of year. Yesterday was 98 degrees. For dogs with coats better suited for winter snows, that is too hot.
I took the first group of pictures while doing the morning watering. Trask still has his "puppy" sitting posture.
 Then again so does mom Koyuk.
 As long as Trask drug out his favorite chew toy, I took the opportunity to pose him with it.
 "Enough posing."
With her thick, double coat, McKenzie prefers the shade at all times.
 Cedar alternates between sun and shade.
 The "charming" Trask look.
I finally got the yard littered with the summer lawn furniture, hammock and sculpture.  Trask spotted this guy and went nuts.I heard him barking and barking at something, only to find him about 20' away trying to scare away the monster intruder.
 I finally was able to coax him to make friends.
 A couple feet away was the real thing.
 Trask spends hours stalking the fish.
He has even taken up Koyuks whale, bubble-trapping, technique.
 No luck this time.
Our stove-vent, swallows nest is full again this year. Since the chicks are essentially in the wall, we can hear them chirping in the kitchen as well as outside. The parents are so busy feeding the big brood that they no longer dive bomb us while we are sitting on the patio - though the table, chairs and hot tub are on their poop flyway - thus the need for lawn furniture scattered about the lawn.