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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Two Week Catch-up

I have to concede that the winter-that-wasn't is over. I finally took the "Let it Snow!" signs down. The unused dog sleds and skis are put away. Daffodils, crocus and plum trees are in bloom. While the blizzards rage on the east coast, the dogs and I are soaking in our unseasonably bright and warm "winter". February 17th found me doing taxes, wearing a "Life-Is-Good" tee, while sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and dogs by my side. (Yes February - this picture of the Iditarod Litter was taken March 30, 2010)
 February 17th, 2015
During the entire "winter" the dogs have enjoyed vigorous games of Chinook tag on the bare lawn.
After the sun was high enough to break over the ridge behind the house, riotous play was followed with lying in the sun on the back porch.
Cedar and Koyuk have blown their winter under coats. Trask still carries his and prefers the coolness of the lawn to rest in.
Trask, Cedar and Koyuk February 21, 2015
Last weekend, Dave decided to fix the porch sliding doors. To keep the dogs from continually kissing and otherwise "helping", they were put inside. Fron there, Trask supervised Dave's every move.
Until Friday, last week was all play and hanging out for the BrownStone Pack.
Friday brought rain and Tule Loowit. Unfortunately my waterproof camera had a dead battery so I missed pictures of Tule, Trask, Cedar and Koyuk taking a long, wet run over the ridge to the back pond and back. Once home, the four, very muddy, dogs took a swim in the pond by the house; were given a toweling to dry off and a treat; then Tule, pronounced cured of her "cabin-fever", went home. Trask howled as sorrowful as any left-behind wolf for a solid 1/2 hour after she departed. He LOVES his sister Tule.
Today is again sunny. More flowers have burst forth. Vegetables are sprouting in the greenhouse. All thoughts now are "Don't Let it Snow!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Firewood Run

We are near the end of the 4th winter without a functioning heat pump - not for lack of money and trying. Our heat pumps have been worked on extensively during this time. We are getting low on seasoned wood to heat the house. Firewood Run! Dave has not been out on the property for months. With help from a former Caboose tenant, Andreas, we took Dave's tractor and my quad and went in search of downed timber and an adventure for Dave and the dogs.
The day was 60 degrees. The dogs got quite hot exploring the woods as we drove up to the top of the ridge...
A handy puddle not only refreshed them but provided even more fun on the adventure. Unfortunately, I did miss the picture of Trask running down the hill and doing a face-plant in the water when his forefeet stopped his forward momentum by getting stuck in the muck. We haven't had snow but we have had periods of record rain. The woods are super saturated - a good sign for the upcoming dry months.
The dogs helping Andreas check-out a logging landing.
Then it was to the top of the ridge in search of "sunny-side" oak.
 Turkey fungus on downed oak.
 A very muddy Trask.
Even after a couple mile run up and over one ridge then to the top of the other, the dogs were hard to hold still for a group photo. Trask, Cedar, Koyuk and Lupin.
Lupin - who at 11 1/2 years old, kept up with the younger dogs.
 Cedar got a face full of mud running behind daughter Koyuk and grandson Trask.
Back down the ridge with a load of logs.
The heavy tractor made for deep, muddy ruts.
Another puddle to cool off in and it was home for a real bath for all muddy dogs.
This wood will have to be cut to length, split and stacked but if the engineers don't figure out the heat pump by next fall, I will have a head start on heat.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Diets go to hell on Valentine's Day.
My sorry attempt at making heart pancakes for brunch but with real maple syrup and blueberries from our bushes - yum!!
 Team Nookies, including guest Lupin, full with brunch and begging for dinner.
The dogs also loved their own pancake brunch and for dinner the skin off the salmon from our seared King Salmon eaten with baked-in-fresh-herbs-butter sweet potatoes, asparagus and broccoli dinner - yum!!!! What Valentine's calorie fest would be complete without Chocolate? Dave got me my favorite Euphoria truffle. I got him a Trader Joe's Fireworks Chocolate bar. True to it's branding, one bite and senses are ignited - OOOOO! 
A few years ago, when Oregon actually had a winter, Team Nookies entered a Valentine's fun run. I spent hours making the replicate box of candy Sweet Hearts for the sled and foam hearts for the dogs and myself. The hat was a prize for entering. Cedar and Lupin powered my sled.
Team Nookies on the starting line. The course was full of toys and dog treats to distract canine participants. Mushers erased points from their run time for busted balloons and poker hands made up of overhanging playing cards.
Finish line with Lupin
Still my Valentine, a much older Lupin on today's "winter" surface.
Instead of working off the Valentine calories mushing in the cold, Team Nookies (including the human musher) spent the day sleeping in the sun.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pineapples and Roses

This is the winter that isn't. The ski area has been open 2 days all season and that was on man-made snow. With it raining up to 8,000+ feet, that snow quickly washed away. It is much too warm to make any more. Tulips are up and fruit trees are blooming. Running with Ferrari is the only mushing the dogs have done this "winter".
The weather scientists call our weather an "Atmospheric River". A river of warm, wet, blistery weather all the way from Hawaii. Locals call it the "Pineapple Express."  Monday night the ski patrol took over a brew pup for a "Kill the Pineapple" dinner party (complete with a pineapple pinata, hit-the-pineapple-with-the-dart game and plenty of brew to drown the patroller and ski area owner's sorrows). Before the party, Greg and Tule Loowit hiked up to the top of the ski area to find a bit of snow to ceremoniously kill the pineapple.
The venue changed the next night. Hawaiian shirts were exchanged for a suit and tie for Dave (we had to google how to tie his tie) and dress with heels and nylons (which were buried way down in the drawer) for me. Dave's brother was honored as Eugene's First Citizen.
John Brown - a well deserved award.
 Siblings: John, Susie and Dave.
I am bummed. I didn't take my camera to the Pineapple Fest and shot a lot of really disappointing pictures at the award banquet. From now on, I will find a way to use the flash when I am indoors. I learned my lesson. I can't hold the camera steady enough for long exposures.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Where Did The Yard Go?

BrownStone Cascade Mt. Klah,(Liaka) is in training to be a service therapy dog. Here is link to a video of her class's stress assessment. (Some day I'll figure out how to post a video in the blog). The video courtesy of James Collera and Paws'itive Teams - Service and Therapy Dogs

Yesterday I finally tired of playing on the internet and went outside to start the year's weeding chores. I can't believe it is January. The weeds certainly don't know it. They are flourishing in the warm, damp weather. One hard freeze and Ma Nature would do much of the weeding for me but the weather predictions are for continued warmer and dryer weather. After filling my 4'x8'x4' trailer to the brim and getting soaked by the enveloping cloud, I dried by the fire and grabbed my camera.
"PR" BrownStone Cascade Mt. Trask (Trask)
 Such a goofy, handsome boy and he knows it.
 "PR" BrownStone Iditarod Koyuk, CGC, TT, WSD (Koyuk)
 Such a "Koy" girl.
 CH "PR" MoonSong Cedar River Touchdown, CGC, WSD (Cedar)
Sweet Cedar. Last weekend we had visitors who wanted to meet Chinooks. Like everyone else they too called Cedar "such a sweet girl".
 Team Nookies without snow to much on.
Today is another day in the clouds. If possible, even thicker than yesterday.
It is a good morning to do - ugh - housework and hang around inside.
 "Where did the front yard go?"