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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trask the Photo-Bomber

My niece Amanda with her active family of 5 stopped by on their trip from Nevada. When I looked through the photos of the day I noticed a re-occurring theme - Trask, with tongue at ready, was in a whole lot of the pictures - including two selfies my niece was taking with the youngest on her lap...
 Amanda with Keegan...
 Trask giving his first surprise kiss to Keegan.

Amanda, Noah and the boys...
We had all been picking berries. Trask's ready tongue made short work of cleaning up the sticky juices covering baby's face and hands.
 Cadence was posing for a picture when...Surprise!
 Amanda relaxing with the boys...
 Cadence also had sticky red hands.
 I wanted a family photo but Trask up-staged Cadence.
And then of course there are other pictures of the visit.
First task: exploring the house. Keegan navigating the stairs.
Dog beds make great wrestling mats.
Family picture in the woods...
where we went for the boys to watch the "big diggers" work.  (I got them Good Nite Mr. Digger for Christmas.  All big machines are "diggers"). Because they were logging, we could not get pictures of the kids on the machines this visit.
 Keegan, Noah and Cadence back from the woods.
 Lunch time. All three dogs were very attentive to every piece of toddler dropped food.
 Another Aunt Kay Lee visit tradition is picking berries. I got these great buckets for the kids.
 Not that many berries actually made it into the buckets.
And the premier tradition: driving the toys. Noah and the boys following Cadence driving the tractor.
 Baby on the tractor.
Keegan was wearing down after the long drive to Eugene and long, hot, (99 degree) day. He wasn't into driving the tractor by himself and almost fell asleep when riding with dad. 
 In 2011 Cadence first drove the tractor by herself - first gear and mom for wheel adjustments as needed.
2013 - Cadence was in total control of the tractor - second gear and a huge reluctance to give up the wheel to anyone else.
2015 - Cadence discovered the accelerator. Her legs just reached. Watch out when she discovers the gear shift!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trask Scores Again

Another domestic animal "gift" for Trask. First it was the skinned rabbit with only body fur, head, ears and forelegs that fell from the sky after a hawk and osprey midair fight. I suspect a cougar had eaten the rest of the rabbit before the hawk got it. Mana from heaven for Trask (until I bribed it away from him). Today it was a large rooster. I don't have a clue where it came from. (maybe a coyote or fox kill?) Trask was within the invisible fence area so the rooster came/was brought to him.
I don't think Trask killed it. The rooster was intact but cold when Trask proudly pranced by me. Unlike with the rabbit, which I didn't know what he had until I got it away from him, I knew this was a rooster. I took the time to grab my camera along when I went in for some left-over dinner scraps.
Fortunately steak wins out over rooster feathers.

Monday, June 29, 2015

BrownStone Serenade

I coerced the fur kids to pose on the front walk this morning. I couldn't resist the light. But at 0730 it was already in the 80's and the dogs quickly retreated to the shade.
The BrownStone Pack decided to have a howl-in as I typed this blog entry. Trask started it from his usual post on top of a kennel dog-crate. Cedar and Koyuk, peacefully sleeping at my feet, awoke and quickly joined in. Trask, still howling, came inside to join the girls. I love the primitive, joyful sound of howling dogs. I am not so sure the neighbors are as appreciative of the chorus. Then again, if they are sitting outside, in the cool evening air, listening to the other sounds of nature while sipping wine, they too may have enjoyed the canine symphony.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Title for Koyuk

Koyuk is now:
"PR" BrownStone Iditarod Koyuk, CGCU, CGCA, CGC, TT, WSD.
Today Koyuk was the first Chinook to earn a CGCU (Urban Canine Good Citizen) and part of the first full class in the nation to earn the title.
One of the exam items was riding an elevator or taking steps under control. I knew she would have no problems with taking steps so decided to test her on the elevator before we went to class (we do not have access to an elevator in class).  Poor girl.  The elevator door closed as I was taking a documentation picture.  The elevator went up. I hollered to the person up stairs to ignore it and brought it back down to me. I did not get a picture of Koyuk rapidly exiting the elevator. (You are supposed to ride with your dog.) She took the step test during the actual exam.
Highlights of the test were maintaining a 5 minute down-stay in a business lobby.  During this exam, the soccer team came through still kick-dribbling their balls. The staff of the rec center, while holding a bag of food, pet each dog. The dogs also had to walk by and ignore food on the sidewalk and outdoor eating area; navigate street crossings; walk on a variety of surfaces; and ignore city distractions when walking.
Koyuk with proud me after receiving our ribbon and certificate.
Our class picture. (I was so anxious about the exam, I forgot to take my regular camera and had to use my phone.)
 "Mom, can we go home now?"
I am so proud of Koyuk. She has not been in obedience class for years but has successfully completed the Advanced Canine Good Citizen and now Urban Canine Good Citizen. These are not easy exams.

Friday, June 12, 2015


We have had day after day of record heat and the highest pollen count in the nation. Beyond a wonderful two day visit from once close friends Daryl and Nan, who have moved away and my niece Natalie's wedding shower, life is pretty same-o around here. Not much new to photograph unless you want pictures of me pulling endless weeds with the ever-helpful Chinooks.  But alas, you'll have to take my word for it.  I have pulled a lot of weeds and the dogs have enjoyed digging in the garden or lying in the shade supervising my efforts of trying to reclaim my perennial gardens.
Even though it was hot, I took Daryl, Nan, Trask and Koyuk over to the back pond. Daryl and Nan had never been back there and Trask and Koyuk are always up for adventure. Cedar wisely stayed home in the shade with Dave.
Thirsty Trask almost to the pond
 Koyuk racing to the water.
 Even after a soaking swim, the dogs were panting.
 One last dip before heading home.
 Suddenly Trask took off up the trail...
and came back with a deer leg.  He proceeded to play with it most of the way home. He tossed it in the air and dove for it if he missed catching it on the way down.  Koyuk also got into the game but seldom came up with the prize.
When we got back home, we found Cedar leisurely swimming in the house pond.  You know it is hot when Cedar goes for a swim.
 Trask and Koyuk quickly joined her.
One more thing about our hot spell.  This pond is right behind the house and the dogs have ready access to it. They also have ready access to our bed in the air conditioned house when we forget to close the bedroom door. Many a night recently we have crawled into damp linens. Gotta love living with Chinooks.