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Sunday, September 13, 2015

BrownStone Cascade Mt Karuk - Luca's First Two Years

Luca's forever family was kind enough to not only send pictures of their beautiful "purple" girl, they also sent a narrative. I on the other hand have been lax with the blog giving fall chores, harvest and food preservation occupy my time. 
Luca had her two year health exams. She has normal hips and eyes. Her next great adventure may be finding the perfect stud and puppies.
Luca’s first two years:
Luca’s second year of life was filled with fun, new experiences and becoming a teenager.  Here are some of the highlights:
Luca has a mellow temperament and great personality.  She is sweet, calm, very smart and extremely affectionate.  We have used only positive reinforcement training methods and the only correction we use is “leave it”.  She does not recognize the word “no”. She responds very well to a positive tone and encouraging words and will immediately shut down if she is spoken to in a harsh manner.  If anyone lets out an expletive Luca feels it is her job to make everything okay and she will come from anywhere in the house wiggling and wagging until you assure her that everything’s ok. Anger or frustration is simply not allowed in Luca’s world.
Luca is game to try almost anything we ask her to do, and she learns very quickly.  
 A few months ago, she showed an interest in riding on the flatbed cart we use to transport our trash cans to the road, and we invited her to get up onto it for a ride.  She jumped right up and let us pull her around the driveway. Now she thinks the cart is hers. She recently started bikejoring and has learned some mushing terms.   

She still enjoys walking on the treadmill and playing with any dog we invite over.  She is not fearful of any of the usual dog triggers such as the vacuum cleaner, thunder, fireworks, or even the tornado warning siren that sounds off a few times each summer.  She actually howls along.  I think we owe her calm confidence to Brownstone socializing at an early age which we observed and tried to duplicate by continually exposing her to unusual experiences. She loves water, but doesn’t yet know how to swim. She fully cooperates with toenail trims, although she really doesn’t like them, and actually enjoys her daily teeth brushing and occasional baths.
Luca is very connected to her people, loves dogs, and spends a good deal of time hanging out with our cat and flock of chickens.  Her interest in other dogs makes obedience classes and dog shows very hard work for her, and us. We also have to be very aware when bikejoring around the nearby lake on the bike path.  On the bike paths, she is getting better with other dogs around and generally ignores humans unless they show interest in her first, but the sight of a squirrel or rabbit sends us careening into a hot pursuit.  Despite her small size, she has some serious power, and when inspired can launch us well off-trail in an instant.

Luca sleeps on her back and welcomes tummy rubs whenever anyone feels inclined to give her one.  

She throws her head back while lying down and waits for someone to give her kisses on her neck.  If we say, “do you want a back rub”, she comes up and sits very still, facing us with her head hanging out of the way to receive a neck massage.  She flips her food bowl over every time it’s empty, apparently just to let us know, and waits for us to come and see. Sometimes she even wants more food.   

When we are eating, she quietly lies nearby and throws her head back, rolls onto her back, and does whatever else she can think of hoping we will notice her and give her some of what we’re having (we do notice, but we have never rewarded this behavior).  She’s a 52-lb. lap dog who never misses an opportunity to cuddle and snuggle (and lick).
She loves all her toys, but especially her section of nylon climbing rope.  After her walks, her reward is to have a game of tug-of-war with her “special” rope. Just saying the word “rope” in casual conversation sends her to the door with rope in mouth expecting to play. 
Her true love is Otter, given to her by her first human mom, Kay Lee.  She would love him to death if we allowed her to.  Otter is kept in a safe place and only brought out for special occasions like birthday blog photo sessions.  Luca will occasionally lie down by the closet Otter lives in and cry for him until you distract her.  She is very persistent when she wants something.
When it’s time to play, she carefully selects a toy from her overstocked toy bin, which by the end of the day is always emptied. Luca must take the right toy with her to greet anyone that has been away, wagging her entire body and making all sorts of guttural noises while she holds the special gift in her mouth.   
She has a way of immediately curing even the toughest of days. In short, Luca is a constant source of joy in our lives. She is our perfect companion.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday BrownStone Cascade Mt Klah (Luca)

Beautiful Luca came from Colorado for a pupdate.
Grandma Cedar and Mom Koyuk were not welcoming but Trask was thrilled by his special guest.
 Brief rest.
Luca may be smaller than Trask, but she easily out ran him.
Whenever Luca drinks, she buries her nose in the water and blows bubbles.
Luca and Tule Loowit have the same high-pitched yelp to engage Trask.  Luca's family had never heard the sound. Tule Loowits family swear Tule only vocalizes when she plays with Trask.
 Sibling love.
BrownStone Cascade Mt Klah - Luca.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Backpacking with Koyuk

The Where's Waldo 100K Ultramarathon is sponsored by the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol.  Starting with a run up to the top of the ski area at 4 a.m., 172 crazy people, from all over the world, actually attempt to run 100K through the wilderness, at 5,000 ft in altitude and higher,  up and down 5 mountains, in less than one day. I go into the wilderness with all my comfort and survival gear.  They wear shorts, socks, shoes and little else.  They only carry a minimal amount of water. The patrol provides aid stations about every 6 miles where the runners can grab a bite to eat and hydrate.
Eight years ago someone moved our trail direction signs sending the lead runners miles the wrong direction. When we were having our debriefing meeting, the race coordinator speculated that it would be hard to find someone to sit all day in the middle of no where. My hand was up before he finished his sentence and the Bobby Lake junction has been my spot ever since.
In the past I have camped at the trail head and hiked in very early in the morning.  In need of mountain therapy, this year I decided to pack the extra 1/2 mile from the junction to the lake and spend the night there. I took Koyuk with me.
 The trail was hot and dry but...
 the sky was clear and deep blue unlike the forest fire smoke filled air we left in the valley.
Bobby Lake has an enormous, office building size, boulder at the south end.  The boulder extends into the water making for perfect swimming. Both of us were ready for a swim. Koyuk was in the water as soon as I took her pack off. 
I had been dreaming about this campsite all year. I hauled our packs up the rock and was starting to set up my tent when a really rude couple came over the top of the rock and told me I could not camp there.
Koyuk checking out our campsite.
I repacked my tent and pack and loaded up Koyuk. We went in search of another campsite. Unfortunately the one we found was 1/4 mile away.  Except for the boulder, the shoreline was a jumble of downed trees and lava rocks. Not wanting to leave my gear so far away and really wanting to swim, we hiked back to the boulder and both went swimming.
Until I looked at the pictures, I didn't realize Koyuk had splashed my lens when she joined me in the deeper water. 
 Cooled and tired, we packed up again and hiked back to our campsite.
 I had the towel out for damp, dirty Koyuk to lie on, but she commandeered my pad.
During the night we had probably a dozen Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers join us at our campsite. These people had hiked, mostly solo, from Mexico. They get up at sunrise and hike to the closest waterhole at dark. They don't cook their food and unless necessary, don't even bother to set up their tents. Koyuk alerted when each one came in, thus my sleep was quite broken up.
I have to tell on myself. During the middle of the night, both Koyuk and I had to pee. We headed for a grouping of trees, skirting and trying not to wake the sleeping hikers as we went. Koyuk and I found our spots.  After going, I grabbed the small tree in front of me to help get my trail sore body back up. Immediately I knew I was in trouble.  Both hands became covered with pitch. The temperature was still in the 80's so it was runny and sticky. Not wanting to get pitch all over my pants as I pulled them up, I wrapped my hands in TP.  A good but temporary solution. There was no way I was going to crawl into my down sleeping bag with pitch covered hands.  The TP would not last. It took a bit of prodding my half awake brain, but I finally remembered I had hand sanitizer in my pack. I wrapped my hand in my ever-ready bandanna and dug for the bottle. In the dark, I managed to clean most of the pitch off and confine it to the bandanna.
The next morning, Koyuk and I packed up and went to our trail junction station. I put on my race official shirt and Koyuk wore her Ski Patrol kerchief.
We were at our junction from 6:30 a.m. until 6:10 p.m. 172 racers went by us in the morning at their 22 mile point and those still running went by us again at their 50 mile point. We also saw close to 100 thru-hikers. A forest fire at Crater Lake had bunched them up. After busing around the fire they were now a large group. By the afternoon, both Koyuk and I were feeling the heat and fatigue. I kicked back in my chair with my cowbell and she crashed on her towel.
It was almost dark when we finally got back to the trail-head. Though not ideal, mountain therapy was a success.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

BrownStone Cascade Mt. Koma Pupdate

My computer has decided to do zoomies that would rival any puppy whenever I do sequential mouse clicks. For the past several days, every time I tried to update the blog, before I could finish, the courser would scream across the page, the slide would go up and down on it's own. I had no control over the demon taking over my buffers. Finally a house call  from my computer geek and I can attempt to blog again.
BrownStone Cascade Mt. Koma, CGC (Liaka) second birthday pupdate and pictures from her human parents.
Dear Kay Lee,  Our beautiful Liaka looks just like her mother. Liaka is a star at the Retirement Home. They love her and she loves them. Laika still turns over her bowl of kibble and eats the kibble off the floor. Liaka likes to sleep in our bed. But she thinks it's her bed now. Liaka teases out old dog, Hunter. she runs up to him with a toy and then runs away. He follows and they play tug-a-war with the toy.  Liaka and Hunter are best buddies.
Laika likes to give kisses and cuddles. She vocalizes a lot and looks at me like "Why don't you understand?" I wish I could speak Chinook. Sometimes Liaka howls such a primal howl, I think that she could wake up the dead. Liaka is so healthy and beautiful. I wish that she could have puppies. Laika is very spoiled.  She likes to have her left-over meat warmed up in the microwave. Laika doesn't much like to go out in the rain to do her business. I keep telling her she is a sled dog, but she insists that she is a California sled dog. - Elaine
Kay Lee,  Thank you for writing and posting the delightful account of Alaka’i’s past year! What struck us the most is how similar Alaka’i’s temperament is to Laika’s. Laika is mellow, she loves people and she brings joy to the people of the Coronado Retirement Village that she has been visiting each month. In addition to several classes offered by PetSmart, Laika has taken and passed a class in Therapy Dog behavior in the last year and has also passed the Canine Good Citizen Certification test. 
(Laika is the first of the BrownStone Cascade Peaks litter to get her Canine Good Citizen title.)
Like Alaka’i, Laika has had many and varied experiences in the last two years. Unfortunately there has been little snow at Mammoth Mountain, CA in the last twelve months, so we have not spent much time there. But Laika is an outdoor dog and loves the snow.We take Hunter and Laika wherever we go. When we can’t take them we have a pet sitter stay in the house overnight with them
We consider Hunter and Laika part of our family and the get the best Veterinary care that is available in our local community.  They visit and play at our local dog park several times each day. - Jim

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Too Hot

I still have the remainder of the Cascade Peaks litter to showcase but with temps above to 106 degrees and my office never getting below 99 degrees, it is too hot to work up here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

BrownStone Cascade Mt Karuk - Alaka'i At Two

Happy Two Years to the Cascade Peaks litter from Nari!
Alaka'i's birthday was spent romping in the waves and running on the sandy beaches of California's Central Coast. He is such a wonderful companion, motivating us to run, jump, and play just for the sheer joy of it.
We are so grateful above all else that our Alaka'i has the most wonderful attitude; his positivity is beyond measure. Over the past year we have found ourselves in a whirlwind of unexpected repairs and renovations to our home and investment property. With all the changes going on in our lives, I was afraid how it would affect our velcro dog. He would have to endure loud noises, less space while we moved all our furniture into one room, and less time with me at home. For all my concerns I can only say, how did we get so lucky to have such a perfect dog? Thank you Kay Lee for your wonderful work socializing our pups. We are in awe of how Alaka'i has taken all the changes in stride. It is funny to take stock of all our belongings in a small space and realize our pup has more pieces if furniture than we do (2 beds, a cot, and 2 crates). Of all the construction sounds and noises, the only one that makes him nervous is the vacuum. Once it turns off though he is sure to nose poke that intrusive noisy sucker into submission.
Alaka'i is so indescribably gleeful to everyone he meets and about even the most mundane things. It is impossible to be around him without cracking a smile or laughing out loud. What a blessing for us as landlords w/ tenants and workers coming and going to have a dog who is so loving of everyone. He rarely barks and alerts us of people by the "thud-thud-thudding" of his tail as he waits in front of the door for this new visitor to come play. His best friend is the mailperson and/or whoever he's giving kisses to at the moment.
We are still working towards our CGC and are very happy with how far our ultra-social pup has come. Ka'i has made so much progress and had so much fun doing it that the CGC is a worthwhile goal for us to keep pursuing.
When the temperature cools down we'll resume working towards a pack certification. We're very proud of his drive and aptitude for maneuvering trails. He's the best friend a girl could have, and helps me in my work monitoring trail conditions for the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy. He's actually my secret weapon as he often sniffs out hidden illegal trail spurs that others may not have noticed. Our waggin adventurer has now hiked in four states and traversed nearly every type of terrain we have here in California, taking the time to sniff every rock and leaf along the way. We are hoping to take him backpacking near Moab, Utah later this year.
Ka'i fills our life with such joy. I can't believe there was a time when we lived without Ka'i's cuddles and kisses. Justin and I have always shared a love of adventure. With Ka'i, every day has been a wonderful journey made better by his goofy grin and perpetually wagging tail. Hugs to you Kay Lee, Marleen, Amanda, and the BrownStone Cascade Peaks family!

BrownStone Foster-pup Ms Silver Mouse Turns Two Today

Tiny day-old Moonsong Mouse joined the BrownStone Cascade Peaks litter as a foster-pup. She was only two days younger than Koyuk's pups.
There is always the concern that a mother will reject a pup that is not her own, but Koyuk immediately took to little Ms Silver.
A note and picture from Carie, her breeder and owner, about Mouse.
Two years already!!! Mouse came into the world a survivor- all her littermates were stillborn or died soon after birth. Rather than raise her as a singleton, I sent her down to Oregon, where she joined Brownstone's Cascade litter for 8 weeks. She returned to me a confident, but kind, whirlwind. Life with Mouse has been very exciting. Her dark steel markings draw a lot of attention and her presence at several breed education booths have brought many people to the the breed. Extra love to Mouse today!!