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Friday, April 29, 2016

Tule Loowit Visit

Everything is always exciting and very active when Tule Loowit comes for a visit.  We can hear her when she is 1/2 mile away and Trask howls back in kind. From the second the car door opens, the dogs are singing and in constant motion while chasing each other around the yard.
Tule, Trask and Cedar
Tule and Trask ganging up on their mom Koyuk.
Even though the day was cool and overcast, the dogs overheated with all the running. The solution: a swim.
 Tule Loowit
 After about 1/2 hour of crazy Chinook tag, Cedar and Koyuk left Trask and Tule to play alone.
Their noise and turmoil is a too much for inside no matter how much they begged to get in...
so they resumed play for another half hour.
Finally a rested Grandma Cedar came out and joined in
 Then Koyuk.
 The "you are it" Chinook look.
Trask and Tule slowed down a bit after once again wearing out Grandma Cedar and Mom Koyuk
With her somewhat stationary, I was able to get some shots of Tule's tongue.
As Tule rode out the drive she loudly joined in the serenade sung for her by Trask, Cedar and Koyuk. I am quite sure the four of them sorrowfully howling could be heard far beyond the 1/2 mile drive.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

BrownStone Catch-up

While Dave is busy preparing for the big Cascadia earthquake during a statewide drill (our house may be a designated communications hub.  The guys are busy seeing how far and with whom they can communicate throughout the state.) and because it is raining out, I have the perfect opportunity to catch up on the blog.
Yesterday, when the Comcast repairman drove up, poor Trask had a dilemma . "Do I scare him by barking or with my catch". Not wanting to release the squirrel, he gave his best muffled bark. The "scared" guy about fell out of his rig, he was laughing so hard.
I almost didn't post this picture on FB, but chasing and occasionally catching squirrels is a reality around here. The difference this time was Trask giving his best effort to bark at the repairman with a squirming squirrel in his mouth. Almost as funny were the gamut of comments I got on the post including:
Good boy.
Funny. Yuck and ugh, but funny.
Poor Squirrel
You have to frame this one. What a hoot!
Disgustingly hilarious. I wish I could show Tule that picture! She would be soooo jealous!
A couple weeks ago I took Koyuk to a Rally-O competition. She earned her second leg toward a new title.  If I had not moved my feet during signaled commands and missed a station all together, she would have her title.  We will keep practicing and try again in June.
Waiting our turn to go in the ring.
 Frontier Chinooks
I also traveled to Washugal Washington to visit a two week old litter at Frontier Chinooks.  My first Chinook, Frontier Rain Dancer McKenzie (McKenzie) was born in this whelping box.
BrwonStone Cascade Mt Shasta, (Alaka'i) has moved to Florida.  His family sent some pictures.
Cape Canaveral
Ka'i livin' the life.
Muku and Bramble
BrownStone Iditarod Takotna (Muku) and BrownStone Cascade Mr. Mazama (Bramble) daily run forest trails with human family.
Ben and the dogs resting after a run.
BrownStone Cascade Mt. Klah (Luca) has earned her CGC title and will be traveling to the Chinook National Specialty this summer.
Raining harder. The guys are now downtown at the Sheriff command center swapping stories and filling out paperwork. Perfect afternoon to head for the couch and my book
 More Muku and Bramble
Today's run to Mystery Falls with Muku and Bramble was just posted on FB
I fell asleep reading my book and was awakened by Ginger with news about Trask's pups.  They are very large and heavy for 6 week-olds. Wolfe is over 13 pounds already. Ginger reports that they are all taking long walks with her and enjoying romps in the woods. Well-fed, active, healthy and happy (Cedar's) great-grandpups, Nice thought to end the day.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trask is a Stud

This weekend I went up to see the 4 week old Rain Mountain Irish Revolutionary Litter that BrownStone Cascade Mt. Trask sired. It was a very long drive to Stanwood but very much worth it.
 4 week old Trask
 Mom: Hurricane Elizabeth
Elizabeth has the best personality. Unfortunately I was so focused on taking pictures of the little ones, I missed the opportunity to get a good one of her until she watched us leave from behind the fence.
Wolfe Tone - male
Roberta Sands (Bobby) - female
Bernadette Devlin - female
Maud Gonne - female
Puppies at 4 weeks are all speed ahead and crash. Most of the pictures I got were during the "crash" puppy piles.
Maud taking advantage of her position on top of the pile to chew on a sibling's foot.
Maud, Bobby and Wolfe
Bobby, Maud using Wolfe as a pillow.
Bernadette was more into exploring than joining siblings in crash piles. Here she is on her way up the stairs. I heard today that she was the first to find a way to climb out of the x-pen - to no one's surprise.
Maude as the pillow.
The milkbar was a catch-as-catch-can mobile meal. Elizabeth wanted my attention but it often meant risking herself to sharp, persistent teeth.
"OK, enough with the pictures!" (I only took 197) "Time for a nap!"