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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Son Rudy Met Father Trask

Trask's son, Rain Mountain Wolfe Tone (Rudy) has been at his forever home in Eugene for a few days. Friday Trask and I got to go to Rudy's first vet check-up (he weighs a whopping 25 lbs) and then he came over for a visit.
Trask is not really sure about the little guy...
the little guy is not sure about dad checking that he has all the right parts (he does).
Rudy has Trask's head and strong build.
Trask, with mom Koyuk, McKenzie and grandmom Cedar, too was all ears at the same age.
Teresa, Rudy's forever mom, sent some pictures taken before our visit.
Watching Rudy grow will be fun. He and Trask should make a powerhouse duo on a sled gangline.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

RIP BrownStone Suka

Suka was from McKenzie's Christmas litter - the first BrownStone litter.  His forever family came from California with two active, young boys. Theirs was mutual attraction from first sight. Mr. Red let us know he was going to be their dog. Suka died 5/19/16. One of the two boys graduated from high school today and carried a photo of Suka with him during the ceremony. His mom sent me this wonderful tribute.
Suka was your name.  It seemed I had waited my whole life for you.  You were the final piece needed to make our family complete.  You sat in my lap the entire 400 miles home.  The neighborhood poured into our garage as we pulled in.  They were so excited to meet you.  When I got out of the car with you in my arms you were so overwhelmed by all the people reaching to pet you that you peed in my arms… I remember like it was yesterday. 
You quickly settled into the family.  The boys couldn't get enough of you, always hugging and kissing you.  They thought your puppy antics were hilarious...the way you walked with those big paws, your huge helicopter ears, those seemingly painted on eyebrows, and those big, beautiful, sweet, loving eyes.  Over the next year I lost about a half a dozen tiny toddler socks to your insistence on eating many times did I tell those boys not to leave the socks on the floor?!  It didn't take long for you to choose me as your “alpha dog” and you became the ultimate “Mama’s Boy”. 
You loved family vacations.  Your favorite vacation though had to be to the snow...after all-that's what you were built for.  I swear you always had the biggest smile on your face as you went bounding through the snow.  As soon as you got back in the cabin, you wanted right back out!
When your feline brother showed up to our family you were so sweet and gentle.  You put up with him sleeping on your belly, biting at your legs and ears, and rubbing his body up against you as he walked by.  He loved you sooo much.
You loved the weekends, when Mom and Dad were home doing chores outside.  You stood with your tail wagging waiting for Dad to put his shoes on and take you out for the first chore of the day.  You would spend the whole day following us around the property.  You never needed a leash because all you ever wanted was to be with your family.
Your day to day life was all about hanging out with me in the garden, watching me do house chores and waiting for your family to get home from their day. You greeted us with so much love and excitement - I swore you were trying to climb into our bodies!  Great days to you involved kisses, belly rubs, hugs, then more kisses, then more belly rubs, and of course we can't forget the treats!
Your final year was difficult for all of us. You tried to keep up but it was becoming more difficult...all of the doctors appointments, testing, medicine, tube feedings.  But through it all you knew we loved you.  And so THE most difficult decision of my life had to be made.
My heart is broken, though I know time will heal it.  Even in your absence you will forever be a special part of this family, after all, you helped raise these boys.  You weren't just a dog.  You had a fantastic way of “stealing” hugs.  With that long snout, you would separate us so that YOU would get the hug!  I'm gonna miss that. 

And so with a heavy heart I say goodbye and I promise to remember you with happy memories and love in my heart.
You were a true friend.  You loved me unconditionally.  You protected me.  You comforted me.  You made me smile.  You made me laugh.  You made our family complete.  You will forever be in my heart. ❤️
Rest In Peace Suka 12/11/03-5/19/16

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bark in the Park

Today Cedar and I joined 1,200 other people with their dogs in the Greenhill Humane Society Bark in the Park 2.5K Run.  I took Trask, then Koyuk in previous years. This year was Cedar's turn to be an ambassador for the breed. Our team, the Waggin' Walkers, was made up of classmates and raised over $1,100 for the fund raiser.
Sassy - from Trask's class.
Wendy, one of our instructors, with Team Dachshunds minus the sled.
 Jan, our other instructor.
A small part of our team assembling to go. Sally from Koyuk's class had a Jockey on her back and her person was dressed in her derby finest (plus a rain coat.)

The start of the race. We were a good 10 minutes after the official start before we even crossed the starting line.
A kind lady agreed to use my camera and take pictures of Cedar and me.
 I couldn't decide which I liked best so here are all three photos she took.
Cedar was so calm and well behaved in the chaos...
She was fast though. We finished several minutes ahead of anyone else in our group. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Beautiful Morning

We did not have April showers but instead had several days in the 80's. But Ma Nature (and some hand watering) still brought May flowers.   My gardens are full of flowers. I could not resist making a bouquet of the peonies, delphinium, bachelor buttons, wild wallflowers and wild iris.
Chores done. Flowers placed into a vase.  Patio furniture taken out of storage.  Time for my morning coffee.
 Thanks Ma Nature. Life is good.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring Time Gardening Glitches

Today was one of the most frustrating days ever.  It started out beautifully. I got up early because the weather forecast was for 80+ degrees and I had the seasonal rotor-tilling to do. The dogs lounged on their couch as I ate my breakfast. Kitty even chanced a chase to join them. The scene was too perfect. I grabbed my camera and snapped "reflections in the morning sun."
My greenhouse is full of plants desperately needing to go into the soil. Everything has been transplanted into gallon pots which they have now outgrown. Still feeling the glow of a beautiful early morning, I headed to the garden to get to work. 
First glitch: Try as I might I could not get the cord to pull on the rototiller. I hauled it up to the house for better access to tools (and Dave when he woke up).  
Second glitch: The set of hex-wrenches would not fit between the grab bar and the bolt heads. Off to the myriad of tool and paper boxes to search. I finally found a hex-wrench that would work. Dave was up by this time and agreed to help since I was concerned about the pressure I was putting on the wrench to attempt to turn the bolt. He tried then asked for something to use as a breaker-bar for the hex-wrench. Another search of tool boxes resulted in the interior tube from a break-apart screw driver. Finally, the top was off and the pull rope assembly taken off.  Nothing was obvious so back together everything went. Still no give on the pull rope. Once again the top was taken off and the thingy the rope turns was checked to see if it was the problem. Everything was put back together again and serious effort was put into the pulling of the rope. After numerous pulls, the system freed.  
Third glitch:  Several more pulls and no spark. Back to the tool and paper boxes to find a spark plug. Finally luck - we had one.  Then came the massive search for a box-wrench socket to remove the old spark plug. Nothing seemed to fit. Rather than continually going in and out trying different sockets, I decided to just grab the new spark plug and take it inside for the search. 
Fourth glitch: No spark plug to be found. OK, where did we put it down during our tool search?
Frustrated and with the day getting noticeably hotter, I finally found a socket and took out the old spark plug. The point was coated with carbon build-up so we attempted to burn it off. Fifth glitch: We used up all the fuel in both of our BBQ torches before the point came clean. While Dave roasted the old spark plug over the kitchen stove burner, I went in search of the wayward new spark plug. After checking the house and tool storage area, the only logical conclusion was to blame Trask. I headed for the spots where he puts his favorite finds. I did find more of my birthday candles but alas no spark plug by the time the old one was pronounced sufficiently carbon free and ready to be tested. In it went, the rototiller was once again put back together. Hurrah! It started. Only after I replaced the old plug and put the tiller back together again did I spot the new plug under the rhodys by the bird feeder. Yup, a stalking a Jay must have been more exciting than a spark plug. It got dropped during the pursuit. 
Sixth glitch. When I took the rototiller apart, I noticed an oil leak. I checked the oil - near empty - and went in search of oil. 
Final glitch. I took the rototiller back down to the garden and successfully did a small area amid blinding smoke and spitting oil. Dave's diagnosis: the engine had gotten locked up over the winter. When I yanked hard and finally freed the start rope mechanism, I broke the piston ring.  
Saving grace for the day: A really beautiful morning with an unusual photo-op and I now have all the tools I need to take apart the rototiller and a spark plug in one place.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday it was 86 degrees, this morning the air was full of marine mist and cool.  The sun has finally broken through the fog for a brilliant afternoon.
BrownStone moms: Koyuk and her mom Cedar
Koyuk, mother of the Cascade Peaks litter.
I couldn't resist taking pictures of the flowers. 
Warm enough for a bee to leave the hive.
Kennel-side garden is fully weeded thanks to the unseasonably hot weather we had all last month.
Cedar really does not like her picture taken. Only a pocket full of treats will get to a spot where I want them to pose. She is thinking of the "good wait" treat.
Mom Cedar with daughter Koyuk
Three generations
"Happy Mother's Day (and enough with the posing)"