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Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 24 Centennial Litter Pup-date

Today was huge for the little teethers.
First was a trip to the Pup-pen in the pink pup-bucket, where I unceremoniously let them find their own way out and through the sensory cube. Trask, Cedar and Koyuk were there to help them navigate out of the rolling bucket and into the general play area.
Once again the morning was quite warm. Rather than take them back inside to the boring whelping box, I decided to mist them and and entire pup-pen area. I was pleased that they just took the misting in stride.
 Of course Koyuk felt they needed wiping off.  To avoid ravenous attacks on the milkbar, she did not want to get completely into the pup-pen...
however, ever-adventurous Kate, just climbed right over the x-pen door barrier. Neither Koyuk or I were expecting this breech quite so early.
 Damp Washington
 A little chill never bothered namesake Admiral Byrd.
 Following Kate's lead, the troops stormed the x-pen gate.
 It was quickly raised another 4" and should last a couple days I hope.
 Trask drying off pups.
Kate and heavyweight Byrd always seem to find a way to sneak a quick snack.
When I sit down with the camera, I am mobbed and quickly have puppies crawling all over me. How do you resist picking up and loving that face?
Now cool, the puppies began interacting with the sensory cube and other toys in the pup-pen.
At noon Karmen came. Trask just can't get enough of Karmen. She assisted with his whelping and was instrumental in raising him and his litter mates. He has always been enamored with her. She has to go through a gauntlet of kisses whenever she comes over.
Trask has been play-bowing the puppies ever since their first trip outside. Today, Arthur mimicked the gesture back to him.
The puppies all have sharp teeth and nails (even though they are cut daily) which rip into Koyuk's sensitive milkbar as the puppies eagerly nurse. So, today I decided to start them on solid food.
There is nothing more funny than puppies at a feeding trough. Usually the first few days, more food gets onto them than in them but these guys did pretty good.
Well except for Wind, who managed to do a body plunge and face plant - but kept eating...
until his nose became packed with gruel.
 A sneeze and agile tongue and he was ready to head back for more.
Sometimes a brother can help with clean-up...
or a human
 But best is mom.
I am so glad my dogs don't have food guarding issues. Trask and Koyuk made quick work of feeding trough clean-up.
The yellow jackets were attracted to the puppy food so once all was gone, we moved everyone back indoors. Karmen changed the ric-rac to colored collars and kept the little ones occupied while I set up for the Milestone Portraits. (See Milestone Portraits blog for the resulting pictures).
 I decided dinner should also be alfresco so once again outside with everyone.
 First a bit of play while I set up.
There was no hesitation at the trough. They ran for it when I set it down.
 Kate was full.
 After the puppies had eaten all they wanted, I let Koyuk in to finish up.

Cedar with Kate before she joined in the leftover meal.
"Hey mom forgot to add the entry extension. We could probably make a break for it"
Not! - the board is back in. Koyuk has a bit of a jump to get into the whelping box to nurse but the puppies are safely sequestered for the night.