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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 25 Chinook Centennial Litter

Day 25 is really a continuation of day 24. Solid food caused everyone to poop a lot more. Koyuk went on strike in the clean-up department. The hungry pups were screaming all night and Koyuk was crying. She was upset with the unclean whelping box. She laid down just outside and refused to go in until I got up and covered up any visible poo. The night's total: 4 loads of whelping box laundry, less than 2 hours sleep. She made sure I was there every time a pup pooped.

The puppies were so cute this morning snuggling on their many layered soft bed.
The morning was misting but still warm. The pups were put outside so I could remove everything from the whelping box.
 I was supervised by both Koyuk and Cedar when I brought them back in.
A newspaper corner was added to the whelping box with the plan to quickly move any puppy even hinting at needing to poo/pee. I was amazed that after a few times, they went to the newspaper on their own at least some of the time.
 Noon brought a visit from Val.
 No guest gets by without some lovin' from Trask.
Wind, sleepy from nursing, crawled up and over Koyuk to nap on the pig rail. He fell sound asleep. We watched with eager anticipation while Koyuk carefully moved away when she got up. His fall between her and the wall wasn't as dramatic as we imagined but did give us a good laugh (and happened too quickly for me to catch on camera).
Anna and her friend also showed up for puppy time. Once again, Trask was the official greeter.
I put off lunch until after they arrived. This group of puppies is so orderly and relatively clean when they eat at the trough.
 Wind is full.
He laid down behind the others to sleep.
Once everyone had their fill, Koyuk was let in to clean-up the remains and the puppies. Ever hungry Kate eyeing the possibility of more food.
 Yup there was some left.
She was quickly joined by Arthur.
 The last of the gruel on their faces.
While traversing the entire trough, Kate loudly protested that there had to be more.
Ha! The milkbar was within reach with a little assistance from sleeping Wind.
 Washington out for the count.
 The puppies played...
 Ate (yup - that's Kate with Byrd and Arthur)
 Got quality snuggle time...
 and Ate.all afternoon.
We were able to enjoy dinner at the Pupside Cafe while they continued to Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat...
After dinner it was still quite warm outside so I just left the puppies to amuse themselves. Finally they were so zonked out that they didn't even rouse when Koyuk sat near them.
 Not even one peep of demand for mom's milk. Wind did rouse enough to move beside Koyuk...
and proceeded to try to chew on his lower back leg and tail which resulted in several somersaults.
 and a private time with mom.
 Soon he was back in the puppy pile.
I left them there while I took the fourth load of whelping box laundry off the clothesline and returned to this adorable puppy pile.
Trask and Cedar continued to run around and play Chinook tag in the waning light as Koyuk settled the pups for the night.
Now my turn to settle in for the night or whenever Koyuk wants fed or the linens cleaned  - which ever comes first.